How to get longer thicker lashes and brows

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If you have even mildly paid attention to recent beauty trends, then you are fully aware that big eyebrows and long, luscious lashes are in. For those of us who have a history of overplucking our brows or are simply looking to boost our natural looks, finding the right product can be daunting with the exhaustible number of products available to us these days. We recently put a 30-day, at-home treatment by AQ Skin Solutions to the test—and here is what we found.

How It Works

Based on some quick research, we learned that AQ Skin Solutions is one of the world’s only topical product that works on a cellular level using the Growth Factor Technology. In basic terms, the products harness your body’s natural rejuvenation functions to achieve beautiful skin, brows and lashes. Dr. Ahmed Al-Qahtani, a US immunologist, developed the brand in the 90s using cutting edge technology that, when paired with treatments such as micro-needling, has proven more reliable results that some laser treatments, along with minimizing recovery downtime. But we digress. Back to the month-long trial. We started by using the cream daily, using a beautiful applicator that all-in-all, took up about five minutes of the day.

The Wait Game

By the end of the first week, lashes and brows looked notably fuller, but not the drastic difference we had hoped for. We continued to apply daily, and by end of week three, after applying each night, after taking make up off the lashes seemed to be thicker, and healthier. By the end of the month, we compared photos from the start of the trial to the end result and were impressed by the difference. Most notably, the brows looked thicker, our lashes had a slightly natural curve and appeared to even gain a bit of colour in addition to being fuller.

To Buy, Or Not To Buy

Without a doubt, we were hooked on AQ Skin Solutions lash and brow products by the end of the month-long treatment. While the product is safe to use continuously, it also has lasting effects—meaning, your lashes are guaranteed to remain strong and healthy, permanently. As we all know, trends come and go, big eyebrows won’t always be in. However, healthy eyebrows and lashes are a forever-trend we are in favour of. For the 30-day-treatment we tried, the price point is £149.99. For more information:

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