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Privacy Policy

Purpose of this Notice

Seven Stars Media Corporation Limited (“Company” or “we”) is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.  

This Notice explains how the Company will collect and use personal data. “Personal data” means any information about an individual from which that person can be identified. Your use of any of our websites or services will be taken to indicate your acceptance of the terms of this Notice (as updated from time to time).

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable data protection legislation, the Company is the “data controller” of the personal data which we collect and process. In addition to this website we also own and operate the www.sevenstaraward.com  www.sevenstarwinterawards.com www.svhotelsresorts.com www.luxepitality.com websites.  

Our contact details are:

Seven Stars Media Corporation Limited c/o Arthur G Mead Ltd, 4th Floor, Fitzrovia House, 153-157 Cleveland Street, London W1T 6QW

Tel: 00447949779646

[email protected]

If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Notice or our privacy policy generally, please contact Seven Stars Media Corporation Limited in the first instance.

Categories of personal data collected

The categories of personal data we collect, include:

individual and company names and addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, website addresses and user names;

titles and job descriptions;

information about individuals relevant to their nomination for awards.

Sources of personal data

Much of the personal data is likely to come directly from you, for example via our “Contact Us” and “Self-Nomination Forms” and when you register to vote for the awards on our websites. Data is also collected from booking forms which are sent by request to clients on our database, and from signing up for our newsletters when data is entered in our database for automated mailings.

Emails and other correspondence which is exchanged between us, may contain personal data, which will be retained in our database.

Additional data may be collected from publicly available sources such as LinkedIn and Google.

The Company uses Google Analytics on all its websites but does not use it to identify users in any way.

We do not buy in or sell mailing lists or databases.

Obligation to provide personal data

While you have no obligation to provide us with personal data, if you choose not to provide the personal data we need, we may not be able to provide a service which you request, such as sending you Nomination Notifications, winners notifications and press releases and images of the events.

Purposes for which personal data is used


Uses include:

Maintaining and updating our contact database;

Generating automated mailing lists for our newsletters;

Inviting nominations for awards;

Voting on nominations (explained below);

Notifying award winners;

Issuing press releases and notifying special events;

Marketing new or updated Company services and activities provided that it is reasonable to assume that they might be of interest to you;

Sending occasional personalised email;

Emailing images of the events;

Winners and nomination logos.


Voting on nominations for awards

When you register with us, we process your contact details and automatically enter them in our database.

You receive an automated email. If you do not confirm acceptance and verify your email via the link contained in the email as requested, you will not be able to vote on nominations for awards nor will you be able to “claim a company” to view the dashboard.

Company Dashboard Claims can only be applied for with a company email related to the nominated company.

Access to the Company Claim Dashboard is provided manually in all instances.

Lawful basis for the processing of personal data

Generally, the Company expects to rely on the pursuit of its legitimate interests as the lawful basis for processing personal data.


The Company regards the activities listed under “Uses” above (including ancillary uses) as falling within its legitimate business interests, and which accordingly, do not require

your specific consent.  


The Company will however, balance its own interests with those of individuals whose personal data it holds, and will carry out periodical assessments for that purpose. We will not rely on the legitimate interest basis, if the individuals concerned would not reasonably expect the processing, or if it would cause unjustified harm.


Although marketing is included above as a legitimate interest, in the case of direct marketing, it will automatically cease to fall within that category with respect to any recipient of material who objects to receiving it.


Should the Company at any time wish to use personal data for some different purpose, it will first request your specific consent.


Where appropriate the Company may alternatively rely on:

processing of data in the context of the performance of a contract, or steps preparatory to entering into a contract;


Specific consent


Compliance with a legal obligation

  • as alternative lawful bases for processing personal



Your rights regarding your personal data

If the Company relies on a specific consent which you have given for some particular use of your personal data, you may withdraw it at any time.


Additional rights are as follows but please note that the following do not apply in all circumstances and that if you tell us that you wish to use any of them, we’ll tell you at that time whether they apply or not:

to be informed about the processing of your personal data.

to have inaccurate data corrected.

to have incomplete personal data completed.

to restrict processing.

to have personal data erased.

to request access to your data.

to move, copy or transfer, your personal data to another organisation.




the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office at https://ico.org.uk. if you consider that we have not adequately dealt with a request or complaint.


Transfers or sharing of personal data

Unless there is a clear legal obligation (for example to a government body) which the Company is required to perform, the Company will not transfer to, or share your personal data with, third parties other than companies in the same group as the Company.



The Company does not use cookies to identify its website users. Cookie preferences can be managed on your web browser of choice.

Storage and retention of data

All personal data is stored on our secure servers. Once we have received data we will use appropriate procedures and security features with a view to preventing unauthorised access.

We will retain personal data on our systems for as long as is reasonably necessary having regard to the purpose for which the data was obtained. We will not seek to retain personal data unnecessarily.

If you unsubscribe from any of the Company’s services or activities, your personal data will (subject to the next paragraph) be deleted from our system.

If however, the Company is under a legal obligation to retain any particular category of data for a minimum period, the Company will retain the relevant data for that period.