Luxepitality meets Miriam Ciantar

Owner & Founder of Baroque & Rose

Baroque & Rose was created by renowned make-up artist, spa owner, skincare treatment specialist and aesthetician, Miriam Ciantar

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Born in Malta, and moved to the United Kingdom along with my parents and brother when I was just 2 years old.

My family set up home in a house in South West London.  Attending a local school, it was here I discovered my love for history, geography, art, and most of all, a passion for makeup and beauty.  At six years old, I began to experiment with makeup, testing on anyone bold enough let me give them a new look.

When I was sixteen, my family decided to move back to Malta.  I didn’t have to wait too long before getting my first taste of what it was like to be a “professional” when I was asked to do the makeup for a friend’s wedding photos. My real passion for beauty was ignited.  Over four decades later, from tiny spark, my enthusiasm and passion is now an eternal flame.

Whilst working as a model, I, was amazed how my look could change so dramatically by good lighting, use of colour and different styles of applying my makeup. This made me even more determined to have a career in the beauty industry. I knew I needed to become a highly-skilled makeup artist. This would become my stage, my own platform from where I could express my love for the arts, iconic design found in costume to architecture, history and geography. Today I am still influenced by what I can see around me, from the way we live, to we want to look and feel and how we should be more responsible for our beautiful planet.

At the age of 17 when I landed my first job as a makeup representative. I adored every minute I was at work. During the evenings and at weekends, continued to grow my wedding and media makeup client base. Very quickly, found myself working fulltime and running a successful bridal and media makeup business.

I was totally in my element, loved being able to express myself through makeup, and the business side of the industry brought to the forefront her entrepreneurial spirit.

Just as my career was about to take off, nature came to play a part in my life. I had also wanted to have a family, married and had the family I had always wanted, three children, two girls and a boy.

Dedicating myself into raising her family. Once the children were all at school, I used that time during school hours, which was very limited, to resumed my work with media and wedding makeup.  I also somehow managed to find the time for study and train to become a licensed aesthetician.

My next career move came when the opportunity to be Head of Treatments for a spa in a five-star deluxe hotel was offered to me. Here I developed my own skincare treatments and honed in on business skills. These skills to help go on to launch the Malta College of Makeup.  Owning and managing several beauty salons of my own. Throughout my career, I noticed a lack of organic, unisex products, I began importing and selling products I could procure.  Still, they were not of the quality or luxurious style my clients demanded.

Remembering when I was a child, I would watch mum applying her makeup, and dad when he was shaving his face. At the time, it had never occurred to me, why skincare products were just made for a woman. This became apparent when running my own beauty and spa salons. Many of my male customers would request some of the treatments that were available to my female customers.

I started to create my own formulas for her male customers, this became very successful, I was so pleased to see so many more men looking to have treatments, seeing my turnover increased by over 30%

Very much how I stared my career in the beauty industry, became the reason for creating Baroque & Rose. Baroque & Rose is already so much more than a skincare brand.

Baroque & Rose skincare products are created by using the finest natural ingredients. All of our organic ingredients are sourced from sustainable organic farming. They are sown, cultivated and harvested by hand, with only the finest fruits being chosen for inclusion in our skincare products. Baroque & Rose, manufacture responsibly by using recycled materials, producing everything we use for our products to be recyclable and or biodegradable.

What inspired you to launch your own Skincare Brand?

My love of genuine organic ingredients, combined with luxury.  I wanted to give my customer the ultimate product and experience.  A different proposal to the normal run of the mill product.  While feeling beautiful and pampered and looking after our planet and creatures, is at the forefront of my inspiration…

How would you describe Baroque & Rose and who is it aimed at?

B&R is an organic, luxury, unisex, eco-friendly, cruelty free and halal and vegan friendly.  This is what makes B&R all these components put together create B&R.  I am often asked this question of whom B&R is aimed at, and always my answer being:  whom would an apple be good for? If an apple is good, it is good for everyone!  That is how I perceive B&R Products to be ageless and for everyone….

Tell us a little about the product range.

The product range currently consists of six products and is called PURE line: Instant Beauty & Detox Mask, Wonder Cream, Eye contour cream, Face Milk, Face Tonic and Roll-on Hyaluronic Hand cream. 

The range aims to condition the skin of all ages to its ultimate state, leaving you feel supple, rejuvenated, hydrated and pampered.

Is there anything new coming soon?

Yes, we have the PURE serum coming soon.

Where can we  buy Baroque & Rose?

Online on our site.

Tell us five things you never travel without?

I always travel with my products obviously as they look after and condition my skin, a hat, comfy pair of shoes for travel and walking, Big scarf to keep me snuggly, water bottle and my music!

What your favourite destination to travel to?

I love Europe, especially Italy.

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