Get your Glow back with the Be Glow Face Gym!

Despite what your other half might think TIA is indeed a facial device and what a convenient piece of kit it is! No more waiting for appointments at Face Gym or having to buy anti-ageing and beauty products on a regular basis. This genius device truly makes you feel like a younger and fresher version of yourself with little effort required from your side. BeGlow is an all-in-one sonic skin care system designed with a dual pulse to deep-cleanse, lift and tone your face leaving you with healthiest and better looking skin.

Its design is sleek and slick enough to pack in your luggage weighing next to nothing. Unlike most gadgets with multi functioning purpose (TIA has three functions, all using Smart SkinSense™   Pulsation Technology) this devise isn’t threatening or complicated to use. In fact, it’s very easy to use (only 2 bottoms to be pressed) and storing it away after use following a thorough rinse is not a problem as it takes up no space and stands comfortably on its own. It’s also full of juice, I didn’t need to charge it once for the first week and when I did, it was quick to becoming energised again. A big plus for the busy traveller and consumer.

Two tips of advice when handling TIA. It’s important to keep TIA clean, especially the removable silicone brush which should be replaced annually (it’s only £15) as this is what really gives your skin a deep cleanse. Though silicone resists bacteria build up you should remove it from the device after use anyway and give it a good clean.
It is also important that you get the motion right, taking up an upward and circular motion around the contours of your face. Watching the BeGlow youtube video was very insightful if you don’t trust yourself.

For best results, have a regime in place that works for you. This electronic cleanser is gentle enough to use twice a day, first thing in the morning and again at night. Thankfully you have full control and can adjust the pulsation rate to fit your skin type and needs. In the morning I wanted to be woken up so I opted for a more intense pulsation rate and at the end of the day I opted for a slower, less rigorous mode. The pulsation can be anything from 4500 times per minute to 8500 times per minute. You’ll soon get to grips with what kind of care your skin is craving and you get used to the vibrations.

The curved anti-aging Titanium applicator promises to improve blood circulation, cell vitality and improve oxygen absorption. What I can say is that you really do feel your facial muscles at work, in turn increasing their strength and giving your face a firmer feeling and appearance. I think you need to use it consistently and for an extended period of time to see these results. After a week of using the device twice daily I can comfortably say that my skin does look less tired and firmer. The third and final function is the The DualPulse Mode. Placing TIA under your chin in reverse (disc and brush head facing downwards), it generates low and high-frequency pulsations which will do wonders to improving your jawline and redefining your cheekbones. It’s the easiest work out as you don’t have to do anything.

The device really brought out the best in my skin and it really did glow and feel nourished after a few days of use. The soft pulsating brushes go deep into your pores and from what I could tell, removed all signs of makeup and impurities without making me go red or sensitive which is often a problem with using cleansing devices. It is far more effective than your hands, more hygienic and has a lower sonic frequency than other devices on the market, so why not give it a go. It makes waking up and going to bed much more enjoyable and your skin feels great for it.

Available at LookFantastic and Net-A-Porter. Prices: Tia £199, Pura £109 – replaceable brush head £15

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