I am not aware of many women that do not complain about their bottom, be it the size or texture of the skin.

It would be nice to have a perfect bottom, one that you don’t have to hide with a towel or a sheet as you jump out of bed, a bottom that you are proud of. Let’s face it the Kardashians, think of them what you like but they really opened the market up on bottoms, big pert firm bottoms are definitely in!

Instagram is flooded with women with perfect bodies at the gym sharing how to get the perfect bottom. We all know a good diet and plenty of squats, lunges and deadlifts can help improve shape and size but I don’t think there are many women that would turn down the opportunity to firm, tone and lift in the comfort of their own home with a hand-held device.
We tested out The Assome starter kit which comes with the handheld device, 3 serums for cellulite, fat and lifting and one absorption gel which is used on the device.

How to use it

As advised, I started with clean skin and applied a couple of drops of serum onto the area I wanted to work on which was the legs and bottom.

I then applied a fine layer of absorption gel on to the device, which fits perfectly into your hand and switched it on and started with the cellulite program.

You are advised to keep moving the device around the area you are treating for 5 minutes.

It’s so easy to do so at the device fits so well in your hand. I found it best to do stood up in front of a mirror. I then moved to the firming program and finished with the Led Airbrush.

I love the Airbrush bit as all the lights come on and for some reason, this part feels super medical.
There are different programs you can use and follow that can be found in the easy to use Assome guide which comes with the starter kit

How does it feel

To be honest we didn’t feel anything whilst doing the treatment but shortly after a warm feeling began to emerge in the treated area.

The results

After the first treatment, I didn’t notice much of a difference after using for a week the skin did feel firmer.
After 3 weeks of using ASSOME religiously, 3 times a week I noticed a big difference.

The Skin looks firmer and smoother and the bottom looks a little more perky.

To get the best results Assome suggests exfoliating with a body scrub once a week and body brushing the other days followed by a warm shower and a couple of drops of your chosen serum.

The cost

The starter kit is- 199 GBP

To buy or not to buy

Yes, go get it!

Assome has our approval.

A great price for a piece of equipment that you can easily take with you so there is no excuse not to keep using it.

The one thing we advise is to keep using it. Do not just use it 3 times and leave it on the shelf.

Like anything in life you have to keep it up and in order to get the desired results. Hit the gym and do those squats, drink lots of water, stick to a healthy diet and then come back and use Assome !

The Science bit

Assome has used professional technology to develop there British made device.

The three options you can use on the device are explained below.

ULTRASONIC DEEP CELLULITE REMOVAL: 1Mhz ultrasound therapy is often used by professional slimming machines. High-frequency vibration caused by ultrasound therapy can remove cellulite deep under the skin, reduce stubborn fat, and achieve a slimming and body-shaping effect.

RADIOFREQUENCY FIRMING AND SLIMMING: High-frequency radio waves, which oscillate 6 million times per minute, tighten skin, reduce cellulite and lighten fine lines.

LED SKIN AIRBRUSHING: The red & blue lights are high-intensity cold light. They can improve skin condition, making it softer and helping it regain youth and vitality.

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