Hangover Free Is The Way To Be…

Have you noticed these days that people are drinking a lot less, or have stopped drinking alcohol completely?

I stopped around 6 years ago, I have the occasional glass now and then but I really hate how it makes me feel the next day.

One thing I do miss though, is drinking something different to fizzy water, as there are only so many of them that you can drink on a night out.

We were super excited to test some of the best Non-Alcoholic drinks on the market!

V.I.B.E – Zero Calories,100 sugar free, Gluten free & vegan friendly

Created by Neil Bathia who was fed up of the lack of Non-alcoholic drinks available, so he created his own.

V.I.B.E.S unique palate is made from a combination of hand-picked botanicals and mixed with rhubarb during the distillation.

The botanicals used range from Juniper, which aids digestion to Lemon Peel which contains multiple vitamins and minerals.

How to mix it

There are lots of different suggestions for cocktails on the website. However, as we are all on a health kick, we drank it poured over ice with a slice of lime and soda.

The Result

We loved it!

This was refreshing and lite and tastes so real, like you had just juiced the ingredients.
You can really taste the rhubarb, juniper, lemon and orange.

We know there are alcoholic Gin Rhubarb drinks on the market, so this would make a great alternative if that’s what you are looking for but please give VIBE the justice that it deserves and drink it as a drink that will make you feel special at any time and with zero calories and no alcohol, what’s stopping you from having a cocktail at breakfast.

Vibe are also in the process of launching more options and flavours to the range and they have added a selection of sparkling spumantes, all made in Italy. We loved the Rose !

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70 cl 16.99 – click here to buy.


Everleaf, a non-alcoholic bittersweet aperitif sourced sustainably from nature, created by Bartender and conservationist biologist Paul Mathew.

How to mix it

1-part Everleaf, 3 parts light tonic, served over lots of ice and a slice of orange.

Check out the website for more recipes

The Result

You can really taste the vanilla and orange blossom.

If you want to feel like you are drinking alcohol then this is definitely a drink for you.

It reminded us of an Aperol spritz. Perfect to drink all year round and very low in calories. Visit the website for lots of other ideas of how to mix it.

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RRP: £18 (50cl)  – click here to buy.

Also available at Amazon & Sainsbury’s.

Sir. James 101 – Mojito Mocktail

This is exactly, what it says it is.

We drank it poured over ice with extra mint and lime.

You can instantly smell the mint as soon as you open the bottle up.

The Mocktail has just a nice hint of sweetness to it, which makes this a really pleasant drink and very similar to the real thing.

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£23.99 for 12 – click here to buy.



Founded by Ellie Webb whose inspiration came from her family’s homeland in Columbia, Caleño is a Non-Alcoholic tropical fusion of Juniper & Inca Berry.

How to mix it

We poured 50ml over lots of ice and added tonic.

The Result

This has a really unusual light & fruity taste.

It’s very similar to Gin and you can really taste the lemon and cardamom. It’s not sweet and is a perfect base for creating one of the many cocktails that you can find on the website.

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50cl RRP 18 – click here to buy.

Lucky Saint – Founded by Luke Boase

The ground-breaking 0.5% Superior unfiltered Lager Lucky Saint offers an alternative that never compromises on flavour, is suitable for vegans and contains just 53kcal.

The main flavours are biscuit malts and a smooth, citrus hop finish.

The Result

We tested this on a few larger drinkers and they said Lucky Saint was superb!

They loved the flavour and taste and the fact that it’s very low in alcohol is a bonus as they could drink a lot more bottles!

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12x330ML –£25.00click here to buy.

Sir. James 101 – Gin Tonic Taste

This drink is pre mixed, so we followed the instructions to pour over lots of ice, add a slice of cucumber and garnished with rosemary.

We absolutely loved this!

It really smelt like a Gin & Tonic and tasted very, similar to the real thing.

We would definitely buy this again and at such a great price it’s a perfect substitute for a G&T and a drink that you can drink all day long without getting drunk.

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£28.99 for 12 – click here to buy.


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