Luxepitality meets Alexander Jovanovic

Director Development - Hotels and Resorts General Manager - The Trans Resort Bali

Luxepitality travelled to Bali to sit down with Alexander Jovanovic a true veteran of Luxury Hospitality to find out about his new brand , The Trans, and to get an insight in his managerial style and background.

Was the Hospitality industry always your profession of choice?

I started my career in nursing specialising in Intensive Care and Coronary Care units of the Royal Adelaide Hospital which led me to be involved in various forms of hospitality businesses. I ended up taking part in the opening of twelve major hotels and resorts in many sides of the world. My key role has never been far from defining and implementing the leisure and hospitality aspects of the projects. This is my passion and I have enjoyed the learning experiences along the way.

When did you develop your passion for this exciting sector?

Back in the 80’s when I was in Australia – Being a young man in his early career, I found myself surrounded by dynamic and inspiring communicators, those who are passionate on what they do. They have inspired my profound interest for connecting with people. Hospitality is about engaging with people, serving from the heart and making them feel special. People like to be listened, to be taken care of, a warm connection without being too much on their private space. That is what we do.

Tell us about the highlights of your career so far

Specialising in pre-openings of luxury hotels firstly in Australia and continued into Asia which spanned a 15 year career with Hyatt International that took me throughout eight unique countries.

My previous position was Director of Development Hotels & Hospitality in Dubai for one of the top development management consultancy services group where I specialised in hospitality and mixed-use projects within the Middle East and the UK.

On my return to Indonesia, I had the privilege to work for this leading business group to develop and open our first 6 Star Hotel Property in the archipelago. The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung successfully opened in 2012, in which I also maintained a role as General Manager. At the same time, I managed all aspects of the development on behalf of the owner for both our 3 star and luxury hotels, as well as the integration of the Convention Centre, Shopping Mall and Theme Park as a mixed-use concept. Currently I am committed in the opening of their other prestigious property, The Trans Resort Bali which boasts 200 luxurious guestrooms and villas at a world-class standard in the heart of Seminyak.

What is the most important thing you have learned whilst being at the forefront of a luxury new opening?

Developing a team, being accountable, responsible and driven to success. Building trust takes time but it is crucial for building a winning team. With a strong foundation you gain the commitment of the whole team to contribute their best to our guests.

How do you keep your team motivated?

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual, it is a team work. So it is our responsibility as a leader to maintain an open communication with the team, make them believe in their dream, let them be proud of their success, encourage them to serve others specially the guests with their heart and stay focus on the result. Our vision as a hotel group is to The Pride of the Nation and in the future to have the Trans brand of hotels in other international locations that will give each of my team members the dream to work overseas.

What does the word “Luxury “mean to you?

That means a state of great comfort and extravagant living. It is not just about the product, location or the quality of amenities but it is also about the service quality and how you manage to keep it consistent. A luxury attitude is a permanent effort to create unforgettable experiences.

Having been in charge of many outstanding properties, do you find yourself analysing every aspect of hotels you might find yourself in, or do you choose to “switch off”?

I let myself blend and take the challenge as a personal growth. Every challenge is a new learning experience. Stay focus, stay unique, strong and ambitious to reach the top.

How is the Trans Resort and the experience you offer different to any other hotel?

We are a team of passionate leaders aiming at the best of what Indonesia’ hospitality can offer. With multiple experiences, industry practice and knowledge from design, system development and innovation in leisure provisions, we are introducing a brand name that is capable to reach customer’s hearts. We create home for our guests with attention to detail, anticipate their need and deliver beyond their expectations.

The Trans brand is quickly developing in to a world class brand, what is in store for the future?

There is a potential for the Trans brand to go global as well as the development of our new 3 Star Trans Mart hotel that will become part of our lifestyle retail and entertainment complex. Also, a leading and respected reference in various fields such as Fashion, Media, Travel and Food & Beverages.

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