Luxepitality meets Cumhur Özden – Owner the Ciel Spa

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your experience? When did you get involved in the SPA Industry?

I began working in the spa industry in 2003.

I started at the reception desk and worked my way up through different departments until I finally became a spa manager.

I worked as a spa manager for a private company in Aldiana Club SİDE and Paradise BEACH until 2011. After completing a successful last season with this company, I began working in Sensimar Kemer spa and Thalasso as a spa department manager. After gaining the required experience and knowledge of the spa industry over the years, I took the decision to venture out on my own and this is how I, in 2014, created The Cıel Spa. This was my very first role as owner/managing dırector of my own business and we began operating in a TUI concept hotel, Puravıda Seno Resort. After a very rewarding season, further opportunities presented themselves which allowed us to continue to grow in the industry. We are currently expandıng and working hard to continuously improve our brand as the vision which I set out to achieve is to become a brand that is trusted and recognised throughout the world of SPA.

Tell us about your brand Ciel Spa and what it is that makes it different?

The Ciel Spa was launched in 2014. Since its opening Ciel Spa prides itself on providing customers with a truly holistic experience.
We offer treatments that encompass relaxıng and therapeutic technıques from all over the world. Customers can be treated to a tradıtıonal Turkish bath, and then be charmed wıth a tradıtıonal Thai massage. We can taılor the needs of the customer in order to deliver a service that is, not only, relaxing but also beneficial to their overall wellbeıng.

What can guests expect when they enter your spa’s?

As travelling has become more accessible, the world has become smaller. With millions of people travellıng from all over the world, businesses are exposed to different cultures and traditions. As a company ıt is important to be knowledgeable in order to always ensure all guests are treated with respect and with a personal touch in order to maximize the customer’s experience. Ciel Spa offers original and tradıtıonal treatments and products to our customers coupled with excellent service knowledgeable staff and therapists. Our customers are able to enjoy the same high-level standards across all branches of the Ciel Spa.

What does the future hold for Ciel Spa?

3 seasons after the opening of Ciel Spa in the Puravida Resort Sarıgerme, we had the pleasure of being voted as the best spa resort 2017 by Holidaycheck.

This confirmed that we are on the right track and we intend to continue to push the envelope and ensure that our strict standards are implemented at all times. We look forward to continued expansion across different countries and to keep providing our customers with the best spa experience possible.

What are your 3 favourite destinations?

  1. Italy
  2. Prague
  3. Greece

What 5 things would you never travel without?

  1. Phone
  2. Camera
  3. Headphones
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Comfortable shoes

Address: Eskiçeşme Mahallesi, Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Cd. No:21, 48400 Bodrum/Muğla, Turkey.
Tel: +90 252 319 55 02

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