Luxepitality meets Chere Di Boscio

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Eluxe Magazine

What makes Eluxe different from other luxury lifestyle magazines?

I think that our motto, “Conscious but Capricious” best sums it up: Eluxe is aimed at lovers of high-end luxury, but who feel killing animals and using materials that pollute rivers and soil is simply not necessary to create the expertly made luxury goods they crave. Luckily, there are plenty of brands out there now catering to this market, but Eluxe is the first ever publication to bring them together in one magazine.

What are some of the best eco-luxury brands you’ve come across since founding Eluxe?

In terms of fashion, the UK’s Kevin Muscat creates wonderfully tailored, sexy day wear for women; Kowtow is a super cool Kiwi fashion label that caters to a more urban crowd; Daniel Silverstein does great zero-waste dresses and knitwear; Maiyet is French chic at its best, and in the Middle East, Sohad Acouri makes gorgeous couture from natural fibre, with minimal waste techniques.

For beauty, there are just so many! AEOS, Neom and Cowshed are some great British brands, and Vapour Beauty, Subtle Energies and Josie Maran are some of the best skincare and makeup brands from around the world.

Which celebrities promoting an eco-luxury lifestyle do you most admire?

Leonardo DiCaprio has been 100% consistent in his message about sustainability for decades. He’s made films about the importance of conservation and sustainability, he’s donated several million dollars to myriad eco-causes ranging from saving the tiger to stopping ocean pollution, and he himself lives a fairly green lifestyle, refusing to fly privately, riding his bike in New York and choosing to live in an eco-friendly apartment.

What does the word “Luxury” mean to you?

Luxury simply means goods that are well made, usually by highly trained artisans, created from the finest non-toxic, all-natural, renewable materials. Given this definition, there is no reason that luxury goods cannot be 100% sustainable; in fact, for me, ‘sustainable’ should be included in the very definition of ‘luxury’.

Which destinations do you most love to travel to and what’s your favourite place to stay?

Mauritius is one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever been to. We always stay at the LUX le Morne; it’s extremely sustainable, from the organic food grown on the premises to the local materials used for the bungalows. I love yoga retreats, and Kali Yoga in Puglia is one of the best I’ve ever been to–the organic food is gorgeous, and staying in your own trullo is a real experience.

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