Luxepitality meets Martin Moser & Christian Biester

Founders of the newly launched Best of the World

What is Best of the World?

Best of the World is a portal where consumers can view all of the world’s top destinations on one website designed to be visually appealing as well as user friendly.

Why did you decide to launch Best of the World?

The internet is saturated with marketing alliances, representation websites, booking engines and collections of hotels all vying for their slice of the cake and charging exuberant amounts of money to become a member. It is becoming harder every day for properties to, not only stand out from the crowd and attract the consumer but also to decide where to be showcased.

Best of the World aims to select and welcome the few in each country that truly stand out in terms of feedback, quality of service and luxury.

What makes it different to other companies?

The success of any site is defined by its user experience. With our custom built search we are able to greatly increase the users experience whilst also enabling the properties of interest to be found and be visible right away.

Since we are active in the Luxury segment solely, we only allow the absolute best to be a part of our mission and vision.

How do you decide what Hotels & Resorts make the cut?

Best of the World works only in the luxury segment and has forged strategic partnerships with exclusive awards programs and media in order to ensure that only the absolute best enter their ranks.

This is a website for the few and elite properties that wish to be known as such.

What benefits will you give the consumer Inspiration?

Your are looking for a truly memorable experience or place on earth? At Best of the World you’ll find the world’s finest luxury hotels and extraordinary travel experiences at breath-taking locations for leisure as well as business trips. In addition, luxury experiences and exclusive adventures (such as a private island, a luxury boat and jet charter etc.) will complement our portfolio soon.

Selection: Dive into our world-class selection of hotels, resorts, wellness & spa places as well as unique and unforgettable activities and adventures around the world. Our handpicked portfolio combines outstanding luxury accommodation and travel services at the most stunning locations on earth. Rich cultural experiences in a premium environment make up for long-lasting memories

Booking: Get inspiration, select your favorite place on earth for your next trip and book your premium hotel and other travel-related services or make use of our concierge services for premium travelers. Our portfolio contains locations for business, leisure, vacation, incentives and MICE travel.

Will you stop at the website or are you on a mission to take over the Best of the world?

Of course we will not stop at this point. There are so many “best” things in life that need to be explored. We have started with the best luxury properties on earth, but we are already planning to conquer other related products, services and offerings around the globe and select just the “Best of the World” for our customers.

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