Luxepitality meets Andreas Bestler

Owner & Founder of PoshBerry

Luxepitality meets with successful ex Swiss Banker Andreas Bestler to find out what prompted his career change and passion for the world of travel.

Tell us about your background and why you launched PoshBerry?

It all began when I had this strong feeling that I had to turn around my professional life and do something totally different.

Having a master degree in economics and corporate finance and after spending 20 years in financial industries I wanted to prove to myself there is more to accomplish than just earning money. Also, I wanted to become independent and be my own boss.

This strong passion led me to quit my banking career without knowing what to do next.

I started immediately to write down a short list of business ideas. As a frequent traveler in the past I fell in love with the idea to create a business for the premium traveler. Something, that is attractive, easy to sell and would save the customer money.

What does the name PoshBerry mean?

When the company was founded in 2013 we were looking for a brand name with potential in all areas of luxury.

We chose PoshBerry because of the recognition value, good memorability, and luxury affinity. In addition, the font used has some similarities with the German carmaker Porsche.

Having now been in the market for 2 years, it is great to learn the brand PoshBerry has been well received and accepted in the luxury business industry.

What kind of reduction can one expect for a First & Business class flight?

This is the most common question we get from people.

The answer is simple: our fares are up to 40% less compared to published fares of all airlines worldwide in business and first class depending on availability.

To further increase the probability of finding a great deal we suggest you are as flexible as possible regarding airline, dates of travel and stopovers.

How quickly can you provide the quote?

Our processes are designed to get back to the client within 24 hours. Usually, we are much faster but honestly, the response time is not what our clients care most about. It is the cost savings and at the same time still not giving up on luxury and high standard of travelling.

You provide a partner program, what kind of partners are you looking for, and what benefits can they expect from working with you?

Our PoshBerry Partner Program is especially designed for exclusive clubs, communities and member groups serving affluent and wealthy people usually flying business and first class. On the other side, it is a great program for all travel agencies as they can use our service for their own clients and make some additional profit on our preferential rates.

What future plans do you have for PoshBerry?

We are still growing in all regions of the world and focus on increasing the recurring customer base by adding PoshBerry Partners.

In addition, we are going to introduce a newly designed PoshClub allowing our members to have access to even more great deals and benefits.

The details will be revealed shortly to all the registered members.

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