LUXEPITALITY meets Ioannis Pneumatikakis

General Manager Anemos Luxury Grand Resort

Greece has faced numerous issues over the past few years both politically and economically, however, the one Greek industry that seems to, not only, remain resilient but actually keeps growing is the Tourism industry. Why do you think this is?

Since ancient times Greece has always provided unique experiences via its culture and hospitality. The Priority was always to make each visitor feel at home. We truly about our guests and we treat each one and attempt to create a personal relationship with each guest that honoured us by choosing to spend their holidays with us. To be simple but at the same time exceptional and unique is a great combination. This is our biggest asset and allows us as a nation to overcome any type of difficulty that presents itself.

Crete is known as a top destination for holidaymakers worldwide across all budgets. Even though it is a large island it is still an island and competition is abundant. How does Anemos Luxury Grand Resort manage to stay on top?

Our ultimate goal is to maximize customer’s satisfaction during their stay in our hotel and to fulfil, in every possible way, the concept we apply of “hospitality”! Anemos Luxury Grand Resort is a hotel product that will provide a combination of high standard luxury services which will allow the customer to feel unique! A Personalized treatment before, during and after the guests stay is what we specialize in providing. We provide an environment with a distinct architecture which is unique in Crete. A combination of Cretan traditional architecture coupled with modern design and absolute respect for the visitor’s holiday.

If you were to describe your management style in a sentence, what would it be?

Always be fair with the people and STRICT with the rules!

Anemos Luxury Grand Resort has enjoyed a tremendous success under your leadership which has led to winning the Seven Stars beach Resort award from the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards, an international awards programme which is known to be of the highest calibre.

How does it feel to have received this exclusive accolade and what does it mean for the resort?

It is a great privilege to participate in such a unique event. Our guests have noticed the award and want to know the details regarding the award. Anemos Luxury Grand Resort’ was the only property to receive the Seven Stars Beach Resort award. This is thanks to our team for maintaining our high standards of service, cleanliness and maintain our beach in a pristine condition. This award has set the bar for“Guest service” to a new level and is a source of inspiration to each member of “Anemos Resort team” to persist in striving for excellence!

What are your 3 favourite destinations?

Every destination is unique and provides you with so many alternatives and options to relax and enjoy every single moment!!!!

As a GM in charge of a world Class resort, you have a very busy schedule. When you have time off where or how do you choose to spend it?

On every trip that I do regardless of the purpose, I always want to get the most out of it. I am positive about anything new and I am always keen to discover the culture and peculiarities of an area. I really want to learn the history and habits of the people. I relax from the pressure of everyday life and rejuvenate my inner inspiration. I want to be the best ambassador of my country that I can be.

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