Luxepitality Meets: Ariadni Diamanti

CEO and Founder of Ariadne Athens Premium Natural Skin Wellness

Ariadne Athens is a Greek-born concept of high-end skin care products that approaches the science of beauty by studying the genetic origins of skin problems. Merging unique bio-actives with natural and organic Mediterranean rare ingredients, Ariadne Athens aspires to provide the ultimate skin care experience.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what prompted you to launch your own spa brand?

To be honest, due to my nature as a chemist, I have always been familiar with composing formulas. Though, my actual first effort of creating cosmetic products was about 7 years ago, when I started to make a basic skincare product line for personal use. I had been facing frequent acne breakouts and I could not find natural products providing efficient solutions to my needs. Shortly after, friends of mine began to express their interest in trying my “homemade” cosmetics. That was when I first considered implementing my skincare line in the cosmetics industry. Thus, Ariadne Athens concept was originally conceived in 2013, as a draft idea which evolved into a much promising project, in a short period of time.

After thorough research and study, I found the most sophisticated and effective combinations of pioneering, natural ingredients and bio-actives that would deliver visible results. Today, Ariadne Athens offers a deluxe line of nutritional skincare formulas and spa treatments which provide skin with a healthy, beautiful, fresh and glowing appearance, always in accordance with its special needs.

What is your brands expertise and what sets you apart from all the other brands?

Ariadne Athens offers skin care products in compliance with the rigorous EU regulations, supported by solid eco-values, which include purchasing many ingredients locally, from Greek farmers, and manufacturing strictly in Greece, thus, promoting local fair trade.

We believe in quality over quantity. Consequently, we overcome ourselves to ensure we always use exquisite raw ingredients and rare precious botanicals, yet concurrently highly effective. When in need for Acorn Flour, Bee Pollen, Chios Mastic, Volcanic clay, aromatic herbs, or other exclusive ingredients, we know that the unique place to collect them is the rich land of Greece. It is our core value to maintain a premium quality product at all levels and therefore make no compromises to our resourcing.
Utilizing a wide range of innovative plant extracts, certified essential oils, bioactive ingredients, youth protein activators, DNA repair factors, cell communication technologies, and unique natural fragrances, our products constitute a breakthrough of multi-functional formulas which protect the skin from every day stressors, such as pollution and modern life stress, while preventing skin’s damaging factors, such as lack of hydration and elasticity, which in turn cause signs of premature ageing.

How do you create your own spa treatments?

For me, spa is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, stress levels are so high, to the point they can cause emotional and organic break downs. Thus, a spa treatment should not be considered merely as an “urban escape” experience, but more as a means to release the body and spirit from everyday internal and external toxic factors, just like we have a shower everyday to refresh ourselves and wash away impurities. All treatments should have a certain form appealing to all our 5 senses, so as to provide the receiver with an ultimate indulgent experience. To create my own company’s treatments, I first had to experience several spa therapies as delivered by different professionals, in different places. This helped me to come up with ideas and then, with the help of my team of professionals, to determine the signature style and character of Ariadne Athens Treatments.

Tell us about your products

First of all, it is important to mention that our company provides products which are 99% to 100% natural and free from parabens, mineral oils and petrolatums, PEGs, PPGs, MEA, DEA and TEA, phthalates, silicones, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and colors.
Our symbol is inspired from the myrtle flower, an evergreen, fine specimen of nature, symbolizing eternal youth and radiant beauty. The flower is drawn in the form of the thread which was used by mythical Princess Ariadne.

Our products’ names are of great significance, too. Each one of them is given its very own symbolic name inspired by unique elements that have comprised the history and values of Greek culture since ancient times. They are all ancient Greek and derive either from the product’s basic element, including its main ingredient or effect, or its particular symbolic reference.

The products’ design has been inspired by combining the neutral, warm, earthy colors of Greece with the contemporary, minimalistic European approach. The earthy colors are reminiscent to the pureness of the Cycladic white settlements and the magical blue color of the Aegean Sea. Instantly appealing to those who want a premium, luxury skin care product, our unique artisanal packaging, made of glass with ceramic coating, reveals an Ultra Premium Product that stands out on the shelf and reflects the high value of its content.

How do you support the spas that you work with?

Success comes as a result of investing time and energy to identify each of our partners’ needs. We, then, provide full training of the luxury experience Ariadne Athens has to offer, along with educating their staff and personnel with all the necessary information regarding our products, so as to ensure an exquisite outcome is delivered to the final recipient, who is the customer that indulges in any Spa. As a company highly involved in the spa business, we are aware of the major importance of building and retaining long everlasting relationships with key accounts of the Spa, so as to always listen to their needs and provide them with efficient client service.

Where can we find Ariadne Athens Skin Wellness?

Today, our skincare products and Signature Treatments are available in Greece selectively, in luxurious Hotel Spas and leading Beauty Salons. Respectively, our products and treatments also adorn some of the most prestigious Spa units and Beauty Salons in Russia, Siberia and Kazakhstan.

What’s your favourite spa treatment and why?

This is a very difficult question to answer! Truth is that, like a mother feels for her own children, I cannot really distinguish among our treatments which one I love the most. Symbolically speaking, Ariadne Athens “Minoan Princess” is probably among the top 5 therapies of our company, due to its distinctive character. It is dedicated to mythical Princess Ariadne and to the evergreen myrtle flower (our logo’s symbol). It is a nourishing, 5 star pampering treatment rich in the traditional Cretan flavors and aromas of sage, honey and Cretan mountain tea, that promises to release the senses and transfer the recipient to a divine journey of body and mind relaxation!

Please tell us 5 things that you never travel without?

Nice question! Let me think! Well, I always carry with me my BB cream “24/7 Flawless Skin Moisturizer”/«ήλιος» with SPF 20, while I also never leave behind my cleansing and make-up removing foam “Foamjito”, and my “Skin Rebirth” reinventing gel which helps me retain a healthy, smooth, firm and young-looking skin. No matter where I go, I always travel wearing my lucky bracelet on my right hand that is a gift from a beloved friend. Lastly but most importantly, I never travel without my husband who is my support system and the man who is always there for me!

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