The ultimate non-Surgical DR Haus facelift

Are you guilty of spending too much time in the sun, working hard, partying hard and perhaps not getting enough sleep?

I for one, tick most of those boxes- however these days the partying hard isn’t on my agenda as much as it once was- but that hasn’t stopped my skin being able to show you the tell-tell signs of the life I once led and the life I currently do lead.

I am not after the frozen or plumped up pillow look that a lot of people are showcasing these days, so I made a trip to Harley St London to visit Dr Ariel Haus as I had heard lots about the non -surgical Facelift that Dr Haus has created.

He is well known for specialising in the ‘natural’ look and having known him for quite a few years now, I trust him. Not only is he known for treating his patients with the utmost care, but he is also a world-renowned dermatologist.

Dr Ariel Haus describes the treatment he created with Triniti Plus as a complete treatment for firming and smoothing the texture of the skin. This includes colour correction and contouring as well as improving fine lines and wrinkles.

How it works

Dr Haus combines a combination of the Triniti Plus, a high-tech trio of lasers designed to treat uneven skin tone, sagginess and wrinkles along with FDA approved Ultherapy- an ultrasound treatment that triggers collagen production for a non-surgical lifting effect.

The first step of treatment is photorejuvenation, which combines pulsed light and bi-polar radiofrequency energy to target freckles, brown spots, broken blood vessels and sun damage.

The second step, is tightening the skin by using both infrared light and bi-polar RF to tighten areas around the cheeks, jowls and neck. The final step is wrinkle reduction which combines fractionalized diode laser and bi-polar energy for targeted treatment on the forehead, brow and crow’s feet areas as well as nasolabial folds around the mouth.

Results can be seen immediately, that increases over 3 months and lasts for up to a year with no down time.

The process

Whilst I relaxed in the beautiful treatment room My face and neck were covered in a numbing cream to make sure I was comfortable during the treatment. Once completely numb, I was asked to don some protective glasses and Dr Haus started with the first part of the treatment.

I was given some stress balls to hold but thankfully I didn’t need them at all (this was a bonus as I had my husband in tow who was watching the procedure and would have only fuelled my families opinion of me having a ‘low pain’ threshold)!.

The laser was slowly moved across my face and neck for each part of the three step treatments. He concentrated on my jaw line area, neck and cheek bones. I felt a slight tingly sensation but nothing else (no need for stress balls!).

When the treatment had finished and my skin was clean, Dr Haus applied a leave on face peel with a tinted foundation in it. I was advised to wash it off at 6pm that evening and as I left his surgery armed with my aftercare treatments, I immediately felt great! My face looked more defined already- my neck was tighter and my cheek bones sharper!

The results

That evening I washed off the peel and I was amazed by the results- my skin was firmer and tighter and my pores were closed.
Over the next few days my skin was quite red and I continued to spray my face with the thermal water as advised and wore a factor 50 Suncreen, which I still wear daily now.

I washed my skin twice a day with a special thick dermo cream that was prescribed to me and each day I found myself smiling even more.

My face peeled slightly and I experienced a bit of tightness but nothing that stopped me going out.

I had quite a lot of pigmentation on my face as well as marks around my mouth. I am pleased to report that all of this has gone and my skin looks and feels wonderful!

Dr Haus’ treatments are tailored to exactly what you need and you can feel safe in the knowledge that he will never try and sell you something that you don’t actually require!

For those looking for that natural but noticeable ‘lift’ I would definitely recommend a visit to see Dr Haus.

The cost:

Triniti PLUS treatment, from £2500 per area.

T: 0044 020 7935 6358

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