Luxepitality showcases Northern Cyprus

Acclaimed and respected international award recognises region for the first time

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has, this year, been included in the nominations of one of the world’s premier and most respected “awards” organizations namely the the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards, under its own heading of “Northern Cyprus”.

At this point in time the only country to officially recognize Northern Cyprus is Turkey. Northern Cyprus has an embassy in Turkey and in turn, Turkey has an embassy in Northern Cyprus.

In many ways this is a similar situation as with Taiwan even though, as it stands, Taiwan has full diplomatic relations with 21 countries which, on a world scale, is still not a very large number.

This move to include Northern Cyprus in their 2016 nominations is seen as slightly controversial by some so we asked Khalil El-Mouelhy, the Chairman, President/Founder of the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards what prompted this decision to include them in this year’s nominations.

Khalil El-Mouelhy said: “We, as Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards, are not active in the political arena, nor do we wish to be. We are active only in the Tourism, hospitality and Lifestyle sectors. Seeing the developments going on in Northern Cyprus, the efforts being made there to drive tourism to the area and the investments that are taking place, it is hard not to pay attention to the area. Currently, this area, by its inhabitants, is known as Northern Cyprus and therefore we feel it is just to recognise their efforts in this industry under the name they wish to have as if we didn’t, there would be nothing we could call it and it would represent a loss to everyone. We are of the belief that travel and tourism breaks down boundaries and brings people together as well as prosperity and it should be recognised and celebrated”.

Development is rising in this destination in fact, Zafer Co’s project Concorde Cyprus, riding on the success of their existing hotel in the popular destination of Antalya in Turkey the Concorde Deluxe Resort, is already under construction and set to be completed in 2018.

This property will be the biggest 5 star property in Northern Cyprus and will also boast, amongst numerous other facilities and luxurious rooms, the largest Casino on the island.

Northern Cyprus, is an interesting place indeed, apart from the great climate and beaches it boasts some very interesting 5 star Hotels most of which also have Casinos for the guests to try their Luck.

Not much has been written about Northern Cyprus and the destination and it, perhaps due to the embargo currently imposed on it which does not allow direct flights (all flights are via Turkey), has not been promoted as it should.

This is a pity as cross cultural experiences, as Mr Khalil El-Mouelhy mentioned, are instrumental in forming relations and breaking down barriers.

There are numerous beautiful luxury Hotels in Northern Cyprus which have not received their due exposure.

Here are a few of the best properties waiting to welcome you to Northern Cyprus for you to choose from for your next holiday:

Elexus Hotel

Currently the newest 5 star property in Northern Cyprus the luxurious Elexus Hotel provides sumptuously luxurious rooms, never ending pools a large casino and extensive conference facilities. Elexus Hotel is also a Beach Front property.

Noah’s Ark Deluxe Hotel & Spa

The name says it all, essentially the Noah’s Ark Deluxe Hotel & Spa is designed to resemble Noah’s Ark. It must be said that it has been constructed very tastefully as it uses perspective to give the full resemblance of an Ark.

Large grounds, beautiful rooms, various culinary outlets to choose from, conference facilities and you guessed it a Casino is what guests can expect to experience at this epic Hotel.

Cratos Premium Casino Port & Spa

The beautiful Cratos Premium Casino Port & Spa boasts a palm lined swimming pool which overlooks the sea and Balines treatments in their Spa. Opulent décor with all the amenities a guest could wish for ensure for a memorable stay.

Merit Royal Premium Hotel & Casino

Designed to give the guests the full luxury and comfort experience the Merit Royal Premium Hotel & Casino, which prides itself in being an environmentally friendly hotel, offers large swimming pools, casino, conferencing facilities and a variety of food outlets

Rocks Hotel & Casino

The Rocks Hotel & Casino is different from the others, not in terms of Luxury but because it is located by the sea front in Kyrenia in the middle of the town.

Guests can lounge by the luxurious pool overlooking the sea, try their luck in the Casino or enjoy sightseeing in the town.

Savoy Ottoman Palace & Casino

The Savoy Ottoman Palace & Casino located is located in central Kyrenia and, as the name suggests, the architectural style and décor resembles an ancient Ottoman Palace. It is the most luxurious hotel With a Casino, numerous rooms and culinary outlets it provides all the necessary amenities for guests to truly enjoy their Holiday. Guests are encouraged to try the famous Sultan Suites to feel like a true King.

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